I can't remove AutoSSL Always Generating SSL Host


Mar 2, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
When i create new add on domain under some user like abcdef.com
cpanel automatically generate self signed ssl for the domain.

AutoSSL feature has been disabled for all users and i create these two files

If you create the /var/cpanel/ssl/disable_auto_hostname_certificate touch file, the system will no longer order, download, and install a free cPanel-signed hostname certificate.

If you create the /var/cpanel/ssl/disable_service_certificate_management touch file, the system disables all automatic replacement of expired service certificates. The system also disables notifications about expired or expiring service certificates.

I don't want to generate anything about SSL when i setup addon domain or create new user.

How can i totally remove this automatic ssl feature?

Let me install my own ssl cPanel not yours!