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Nov 5, 2008
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Hi, i have a CentOS 5.5-cPanel 11 i cant see cPanel stats part.

Screenshot :

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Are the stats you are seeking only of disk space usage and bandwidth? Or, are there other stats involved, such as seeing how many visits are received at the web site?

Try and run '/scripts/runweblogs user' on console as root where user is the cPanel username of this account. See if it throws an error.
In addition to manually running stats processing for the cPanel account, I would consider temporarily increasing the stats log level to help obtain more verbose information while manually updating stats. Please note this requires root (i.e., Administrator) access to the server.

Using WebHost Manager (WHM) the stats log level may be customized via the following menu path:
WHM: Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings >> Stats and Logs
  • Stats log level [?] Larger numbers indicate more debug information in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/stats_log (Minimum: 1; Maximum: 10)

As indicated above, the dedicated stats log may be found via the following path on the file system: