i have an extra ftp user in cpanel


Jan 22, 2016
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Root Administrator
I want to show my cpanel.

I created a new account. the account name is zencart.

below image is the cpanel.

you can see number 1 red box. there are 2 ftp users by default once I created a new account.

and then you can see number 2 red box.

I created [email protected] by me.

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but maybe tomorrow I can see a ftp user starting with [email protected]

i don't make the ftp user.

it is created by someone.

below is the image.

do you think the ftp user starting with [email protected] is created by default by cPanel.

every account had that ftp user starting with [email protected].

so i removed all of them.


If so, i am happy, if not, my server is hacked?

please let me know how to solve it.