i have big problem in my cpanle please from all help me !!


Oct 3, 2006
welcome to all

in thr first i want to delete all my file from my cpanle .. because i have problem in mail data
unforshinatly .. i delete my cpanle account .. its deleted succssfuly .. after that .. in same time i buy it again and cpanle tell me its avilable ... i think its not deleted and i cant open my cpanle data ....

my site : http://www.dahaya.com i have problem with it :eek:

please i need help


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Nov 2, 2005
Try this:
- restart your apache and see if it's working... if it is... skip the rest
- so... i guess it's not working... login to ssh as root and run /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf and then restart apache again
- if it's still not working i say you should go to WHM (as root) -> Apache update -> Load previous config -> unselect from bottom skip apache build -> also select rebuild apache conf file (not sure how it's saying there i don't have that page in front) -> click start build (this is the last resort)
- check now