I have some questions for new install


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Oct 13, 2005
Spokane, Washington
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I have a trial license and I need to learn to install this so I can do it live for company that wants me to install full license for them.

I will be using REDHAT Enterprise AS Server version 4. The installation instructions are little unclear to where it says "cPanel should be only installed on a blank server with fresh operating system install." During the install of the operating system it will ask you what type of install example workstation, server and so on. Then it ask you what components to install like web server and so on. Also it will ask you the host name and the default will be listed local.localhost. I need to know what needs to go in these fields and the instructions are not clear with that point.

I also need to know what other ports to open other than the normal ports like ports 80, 21, 443 and so on during the cPanel install.

Can any one tell me what I need to know here.


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Mar 13, 2005
Setting up a server is pretty personal I would say, I'm sure everyone on here could give you their opinion of how you should set it up. I would recommend you play around and find your favourite config/setup however just for reference i'll post how i usually go about it.

The hostname can be whatever you want it to be! I use calypso.core-a.london.uk.xn3.net for my primary box, this works for me as i find it simple to remember and informative;


First off dont install X windows, because every time i've tried cPanel install has just screwed it up (not that you need X windows on a server, but hey i like things to look nice!).

Secondly I wouldn't choose workstation, server etc I choose custom and choose exactly what to install. You should make sure you don't install web server, pop3 server, ftp server etc as cPanel's installer will do that for you! Also I would recommend installing stuff like gcc and other compilers etc fresh off.

As for cPanel saying you need a 'fresh server' that just means it isn't currently hosting users, that you have just installed the OS and are ready to set it up from scratch with cPanels installer.

Just run the commands listed on the install page and wait, then your server will have everything installed. At this point i would do a "reboot now" just to clear the swap file (virtual memory).

Once you have installed it you can proceed to set it up via WHM by going to
and entering your username as root and your password as the root password.

Configuring WHM is a long process and could take up a post in itself, so if you need any help with that you're probly best either creating a new post or just replying after you have answers from this.

Incoming TCP:

Incoming UDP:

Incoming ICMP (types):

Outgoing TCP:

Outgoing UDP:

Outgoing ICMP (types):

For more information on what all those ports are for take a look at <-- this post -->

Hope that's of some help!