Apr 27, 2007
Hey! Newbie here. I really need some help installing RSSGM so I can make webpages really quickly. I have the rssgm 1.35 file installed (ftp'd it to my main root), but that is where I get lost. I don't know what permissions to give to the files, and when I try to"install" and I get those slots for inputing your personal info, like this
Site Name <?PHP print $mysitename?>
Primary Keyword <?PHP print $mainkeyword?>
Adsense publisher ID <?PHP print $adsense_pub?>
Chitika ID etc.
Chitika channel
PeakClick ID
PeakClick subaffiliate
PeakCLick Number of results
PeakCLick Enable thumbs

I don't know how I should input, do I leave the php? there or just input my site name with www. or with those <>? Then I don't know how to get it to start generating. Then the button says "create config". Then what? It also has a dialog above the input setion that the install is a 'one shot deal'. If I mess up do I have to reinstall the whole rssgm file over again?

Anyone even know what I am talking about?