Jul 6, 2006
I hope this is were I need to ask this. I run a website for a gameing clan. I use cpanel with it. http://moderndaycowboys.us/news.php And a gameing server, I have moded maps uploaded to the game server. What I am wanting to do is upload these maps to the website, and make it so the members and guest, can go to downloads and download the maps right from our website. In fact if it would work all I would need to upload is the RAF file. for each map. If this can be done can some one give me a idea about how to set it up.

Another question I have. I want to make the member list so it can not be sean but by members, or loged in guest. I know it can be done, I have been on other websites the are like that.

Please any help on these two matters, i would be gratefull for.


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Jun 18, 2004
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This isn't really related to cPanel in any way, but here's some insight all the same:

For your maps, all you would need to do is use the FTP user setup by cPanel to upload the map files to the public_html/ directory of that users site. You can then insert links on your 'Downloads' page (or what have you) to those files.

For the members list: This would be something you'd need to do a little research on and familiarize yourself with a coding language such as PHP, or seek out a programmer who'd be willing to write such a script for you. You might be able to come across a pre-written one, but chances are you'd have to custom tailor it to your application and you'd be better off writing/designing your own.