I need help with cpanel updates please


Dec 12, 2006
I would be so grateful for any advice and help from someone.

I currently run cPanel Build 10.9.0-CURRENT 94 (addy ends with "frontend/monsoon/index.html") on my website, http://verbal-0rchid.com. I noticed that my Fantastico has disappeared.

I recently bought another domain and website, http://verbosia.com - same companies for both. But in the control panel on the new site, I have cPanel Build 10.9.0-STABLE 96, which addy ends in "frontend/x/index.html" (and on this version I still have Fantastico)

The control panel on the older website is nothing like what's on the newer one. Is there a way to upgrade my cp on the older site to look like the new one? How do I go about that? I am very new to all of this. (translation: please explain it like I'm a 2 year old! lol)

Thanks so much for any help!
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Mar 27, 2006
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There are 2 simple ways to update cPanel.

1) Log in to WebHostManager and click on "cPanel Update" under "cPanel" on the left hand side towards the bottom.

2) If you're running SSH, log in and simply type "/scripts/upcp"

If you do not have access to either, ask your webhost to enable cPanel updates. Also, your host might have their server set for STABLE release so it will be different until cPanel declares that other release stable.


Dec 12, 2006
There doesn't seem to be an option to log in to web host manager from the verbal 0rchid site. I did a search for WHM and on log in tips it listed 2086 and '87 but my site is 2082. I'm guessing that has some significance?

Also, what is SSH? I mean, what does it stand for? I see nothing in my cpanel main page like that. The closest I get is SSL which I think is not the same thing.

Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate it!
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Jun 24, 2005
What you describe is just a a different theme style ....

"Monsoon" configured for your original account

"X" (actally Cpanel's default) configured for your new account


WHM would be at ":2086" or "/whm" at your web address but you would
only have that available to you if you are the hosting provider or a

By your comments, I'm getting the strong impression though that
you are just a regular user buying hosting accounts in which case it
would be your hosting provider that would have to change the theme
because you probably don't have access to WHM in that case.

If you want your original account to look like the new account,
you just simply need to get the theme changed from Monsoon
to the default "X" theme which is just an account setting and
your host should be able to do that in about 2 seconds.


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Nov 29, 2006
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WHM would be at ":2086" or "/whm" at your web address but you would
only have that available to you if you are the hosting provider or a
This is just a FYI.

For those with access to WHM, it is recommended you login using https on port 2087 (ex: https://www.yoursite.com:2087) so your password is not sent in plain text over the internet.

Also for a regular cPanel interface to use https you would use port 2083 (instead of 2082, ex: https://www.yoursite.com:2083).

You are likely to get a warning about certificates when you attempt to access these addresses. It is safe to ignore this particular warning.