I need so much help someone should just shoot me...[moved]


Sep 12, 2006
Hi, I am a new user of the CPanel ways...I have so many questions its not funny.

I am currently paying someone to set my account up because I am just that lame...but I have a few questions for you guys.

As a new user, I would like to know which content manager is going to be the easiest to use in fatastico???...I have used php-nuke before, but just dont understand php to do the things I want to do.

Also, I am currently wondering since I can "host 100 domains under the same account" I was wondering can I have movingstocks.com/ and tiyoo.com under seperate domain names (aka can I use php nuke for one and Joomla for the other)????

I am wanting to put 6 domain names on the same hosting account and have 6 totally different sites...

movingstocks.com- is what it sounds like...a stock website
tiyoo.com- would be a news website
casinourban.com- would be a poker/gambling affiliate
charliesherrill.com- personal blog (whats the best blog on fantastico?)
mustlovegems.com- business that sells gems
thegreatname.com- not too sure yet, just love the name...haha how could you not?

So would it be possible to set up these 6 names on the same hosting account but be totally seperate entities? IF so, please I would love to know how...and if not...well just tell me im dreaming

Please dont look at this and say...hey youre retarded you dumb noob...I am really a great guy, just im behind the times.
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