Apr 29, 2002
who ever can help me please IM sling31 (for AIM and aol) or e-mail me at [email protected]

I have all the username and passwords for my account, I can login to ftp and stuff, I installed frontpage extentions and when I try to login through frontpage none of my usernames and passwords work. I even have the root user so I know I should be able too...

If anyone can tell me how to find out the username and pass or any reps from cpanel can I e-mail me I would really appreciate it...


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Aug 13, 2001
Are you using suexec on your machine?

I'm assuming you are the server admin, right?
At any rate if you are an end-user, your FTP and cpanel login and pass should be exactly the same as your FrontPage login- if FP login is not working then you need to contact your webhosting provider.

If you are the server administrator please let us know if you are running suexec, and what apache build you are running. And, what is the server extensions version for frontpage?