I need the folder passwords to not be stored on the client's PC.


Apr 3, 2009
Sorry I tried to make the title as descriptive as possible and have looked through the forum and I don't think that this question is there....

I have set up Folder security for my clients folders. I store documents, templates etc that I have created for them in these folders and have setup links on my site so that they can access these documents.

The links I've worked out fine but...

1. I click on a link called "my documents" on my site.
2. The screen will prompt for a username and password (this all works fine).
3. I use the back button or other links on the site to move to a different area of my site.
4. If I click on the "my documents" link again, it now does not prompt for a password. It remembers who I am - even though I did not click the "remember me" check box - and takes me back to the folder directory.

This is ok if it's just me using the pc, but what if someone else comes along and a look and finds themselves accessing these documents.

Is this a cookie issue or is there some kind of way to have a prompt box everythime whether you have used the link before in this session or not.

It does not happen if I open a new browser and start again.

Hope this question makes sense and I look forward to a reply



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Nov 1, 2008
This is an issue with your browser and not a matter of the password being stored on the local machine. Try disabling browser caching for your web browsers on the machine. If you close the browser with browser cache disabled you should not have any problems.