I need to remove formmail from all sites on my server


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Mar 19, 2003
Hello, how do we do this? We need to remove all existance of formmail from our servers, every single copy, asap. I would like to know what we have to do to remove it. And we dont want any of our users re installing it. This is just ridiculous that leeches like this have the ability to ruin a good time for us all and possibly have our ip blacklisted. :mad: :mad:


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Feb 10, 2003
Hello ,

You can check if there are any old formmails on your server with version 1.6

The following command will give you a list of all those files in list.txt

find /home/*/public_html/cgi-bin -name '*orm*ail.pl' | xargs grep -l "Version 1.6" > list.txt

to list all active formmails on the server

find /home/*/public_html/cgi-bin -name '*orm*ail.pl' > list.txt

Just pass this text file to the shell script which take the ownership of these files to root and also makes the permissions 000. This way your users cannot install the formmail.pl again as it already exists.

Please let me know if you need the shell script, i'll provide it to you if you desire.

Also I presume you are using Formmail.pl from

The version 1.92 is almost spam free you can let your users have it but remove all previous versions.

Rest as per you decide.

Let me know if this works for you.