I never seen this kind of problem before, file manager problem.


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Oct 10, 2006
When accessing the file manager from any account I run in to a problem.
I can delete, I can create folders, I can do anything, but I can't navigate.
Since most of my clients use the filemanager for uploading files this is a major problem for me, this problem poped out of no where, could it be from the Cpanel updats?
I can even copy files in to the www folder, but what I can not do is view the content of the www folder since I can't navigate, any folder I click will result in absolutly noting, it logs in in to the root section when I open the file manager and from there I can't navigate anywhere, when I click on any of the folders the page will refresh and the same page with the root of the domain will show up again.
Can any one help me, I would apreciate it since this is a very big problem, I advised my clients to use a FTP manager until the problem is fixed, but I don't even know where to start from.