I own the box - how to create account with control over domain?


Sep 18, 2007
I hope I worded that right and I hope the answer wasn't staring me in the face all along. I have locked but can't see it.

I have a whole VPS to myself. I am only planning to use it for one domain (and some subdomains). I don't want to do everything as the root user. I want to create a hosting account that has some user privilege limits.

I thought the best way to do it would be to create a reseller account with ownership of the domain, but I cannot figure out how to let that reseller create subdomains.

So, let's assume a user who is the root user - RU1

How does RU1 create another user/account/whatever - call it USER2 - so that USER2 can manage everything related to userdomain.com, including email, creation of subdomains (and, if necessary, installation of AMP apps, like Mambo on those subdomains), access to mySQL and .htaccess, etc?

I basically would like a setup so that if USER2's account is compromised, the RU1 is not automatically completely compromised, while still allowing USER2 to SSL into cPanel, create FTP accounts, manage permissions, install PHP scripts and manage subdomains.

So far, I have tried creating reseller accounts, created packages, modified privileges etc., but no dice.

I know this is a long query so I will be grateful to anybody who takes the time to read it, let alone provide the answer(s).



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May 20, 2003
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If I understand you correctly, good plan.

First create a package @ Add Packages, call it whatever you want, reseller will work.
Next, create an account @ Create a New Account, and give it that package.
Next give that account reseller privs @Reseller Center and tick the box to own thier own account.
Then on same page, Edit Priviledges/Nameservers section, choose your options for that reseller.

At this point you should have a root account, and a reseller account.
Logout of WHM/root users account.

Using that resellers account details, login via FTP and add what you want to the cpanel3-skel > public_html directory. For example: error pages, a default favicon, a robots.txt, an index.html A readme.tx with instructions if you like, to assist a new user.
(also add your own index.html in your resellers public_html for now)

Log back in as the new reseller to WHM, and see what you have (and don't have) available.

Then create a package @ Add Packages, call it whatever you want, Plan1 will work.
Next, create an account @ Create a New Account, and give it that package.
When an account is created, it will pull those files from cpanel3-skel you added over to the new accounts public_html.

So you should have root access account now, reseller account owned by himself, and one user account owned by reseller all setup.

Not sure what I missed or confused you on here, on my first cuppa. ;)

More here:


One last thing, security is FAR MORE important than a single account. You really should start there first, and then setup your accounts and such.

Best of luck.
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