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Feb 24, 2023
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Hello everyone, I got 2 days ago on our business sent spoofed email with name of one our colleagues sent to another colleague and the content of email was from colleague that received it had their signature but the subject of email was the name of colleague 1 when I checked the email of sender in headers it was showing different email so not related to our business and it had attachment like a Microsoft One file so it was .one extension and was not blocked by spam filters. I scanned the file this are the results REDACTED
I wonder is there any way I could detect this kind of emails with filter and stop them reaching our mailbox or any paid service I could get to prevent this if EXIM can't handle it.
Any suggestions or help are greatly appreciated.
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Rajesh Chauhan

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Jan 18, 2016
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Setup SFT and DKIM records properly and also if you are facing such issues go for Premium (Private DNS)