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i386 packages on CentOS x86_64 w/ cPanel DNS Only

Discussion in 'Bind/DNS/Nameserver' started by wintech2003, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. wintech2003

    wintech2003 Active Member PartnerNOC

    Sep 15, 2010
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    Since cPanel DNS Only doesn't offer automatic OS updates like cPanel does, I issue a yum update every once in a while.
    Today I realized my server has a lot of i386 packages installed, and I don't know if they're even necessary.

    Here's a list:
    root@dns1 [~]# yum list installed *.i386
    Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
    Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
     * base:
     * extras:
     * updates:
    Excluding Packages in global exclude list
    Installed Packages
    audit-libs.i386                                               1.7.18-2.el5                                                 installed
    bind-devel.i386                                               30:9.3.6-16.P1.el5_7.1                                       installed
    bind-libs.i386                                                30:9.3.6-16.P1.el5_7.1                                       installed
    compat-db.i386                                                4.2.52-5.1                                                   installed
    cracklib.i386                                                 2.8.9-3.3                                                    installed
    curl.i386                                                     7.15.5-9.el5_7.4                                             installed
    curl-devel.i386                                               7.15.5-9.el5_7.4                                             installed
    db4.i386                                                      4.3.29-10.el5_5.2                                            installed
    db4-devel.i386                                                4.3.29-10.el5_5.2                                            installed
    device-mapper.i386                                            1.02.63-4.el5                                                installed
    e2fsprogs-devel.i386                                          1.39-33.el5                                                  installed
    e2fsprogs-libs.i386                                           1.39-33.el5                                                  installed
    expat.i386                                                    1.95.8-8.3.el5_5.3                                           installed
    expat-devel.i386                                              1.95.8-8.3.el5_5.3                                           installed
    expect.i386                                                   5.43.0-5.1                                                   installed
    fontconfig.i386                                               2.4.1-7.el5                                                  installed
    freetype.i386                                                 2.2.1-28.el5_7.2                                             installed
    freetype-devel.i386                                           2.2.1-28.el5_7.2                                             installed
    gamin.i386                                                    0.1.7-8.el5                                                  installed
    gamin-devel.i386                                              0.1.7-8.el5                                                  installed
    gd.i386                                                       2.0.33-9.4.el5_4.2                                           installed
    gd-devel.i386                                                 2.0.33-9.4.el5_4.2                                           installed
    gdbm.i386                                                     1.8.0-26.2.1.el5_6.1                                         installed
    gdbm-devel.i386                                               1.8.0-26.2.1.el5_6.1                                         installed
    gettext.i386                                                  0.17-1.el5                                                   installed
    gettext-devel.i386                                            0.17-1.el5                                                   installed
    glib2.i386                                                    2.12.3-4.el5_3.1                                             installed
    glibc-devel.i386                                              2.5-65.el5_7.1                                               installed
    keyutils-libs.i386                                            1.2-1.el5                                                    installed
    krb5-devel.i386                                               1.6.1-62.el5                                                 installed
    krb5-libs.i386                                                1.6.1-62.el5                                                 installed
    libICE.i386                                                   1.0.1-2.1                                                    installed
    libSM.i386                                                    1.0.1-3.1                                                    installed
    libX11.i386                                                   1.0.3-11.el5_7.1                                             installed
    libX11-devel.i386                                             1.0.3-11.el5_7.1                                             installed
    libXau.i386                                                   1.0.1-3.1                                                    installed
    libXdmcp.i386                                                 1.0.1-2.1                                                    installed
    libXext.i386                                                  1.0.1-2.1                                                    installed
    libXpm.i386                                                   3.5.5-3                                                      installed
    libXpm-devel.i386                                             3.5.5-3                                                      installed
    libXt.i386                                                    1.0.2-3.2.el5                                                installed
    libgcc.i386                                                   4.1.2-51.el5                                                 installed
    libgomp.i386                                                  4.4.4-13.el5                                                 installed
    libidn.i386                                                   0.6.5-1.1                                                    installed
    libidn-devel.i386                                             0.6.5-1.1                                                    installed
    libjpeg.i386                                                  6b-37                                                        installed
    libjpeg-devel.i386                                            6b-37                                                        installed
    libpng.i386                                                   2:1.2.10-7.1.el5_7.5                                         installed
    libpng-devel.i386                                             2:1.2.10-7.1.el5_7.5                                         installed
    libselinux.i386                                               1.33.4-5.7.el5                                               installed
    libsepol.i386                                                 1.15.2-3.el5                                                 installed
    libstdc++.i386                                                4.1.2-51.el5                                                 installed
    libstdc++-devel.i386                                          4.1.2-51.el5                                                 installed
    libtiff.i386                                                  3.8.2-7.el5_6.7                                              installed
    libtiff-devel.i386                                            3.8.2-7.el5_6.7                                              installed
    libtool-ltdl.i386                                             1.5.22-7.el5_4                                               installed
    libtool-ltdl-devel.i386                                       1.5.22-7.el5_4                                               installed
    libxml2.i386                                                  2.6.26-2.1.12.el5_7.1                                        installed
    libxml2-devel.i386                                            2.6.26-2.1.12.el5_7.1                                        installed
    ncurses.i386                                                  5.5-24.20060715                                              installed
    ncurses-devel.i386                                            5.5-24.20060715                                              installed
    openssl-devel.i386                                            0.9.8e-20.el5                                                installed
    pam.i386                                                                                       installed
    pam-devel.i386                                                                                 installed
    popt.i386                                                                                     installed
    python-devel.i386                                             2.4.3-44.el5_7.1                                             installed
    readline.i386                                                 5.1-3.el5                                                    installed
    sqlite.i386                                                   3.3.6-5                                                      installed
    tcl.i386                                                      8.4.13-4.el5                                                 installed
    tix.i386                                                      1:8.4.0-11.fc6                                               installed
    tk.i386                                                       8.4.13-5.el5_1.1                                             installed
    zlib.i386                                                     1.2.3-4.el5                                                  installed
    zlib-devel.i386                                               1.2.3-4.el5                                                  installed
    Of course for every one of the packages above, their x86_64 version is also installed.
    Can I safely delete them? Are they necessary for cPanel DNS Only? Or should I keep them just to be safe?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. cPanelTristan

    cPanelTristan Quality Assurance Analyst Staff Member

    Oct 2, 2010
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    somewhere over the rainbow
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    Root Administrator
    If the server is working properly, I wouldn't uninstall any such packages. It is unlikely they are needed, but we wouldn't want to be responsible for the machine ceasing to function by a package removal that we suggested here to perform. If you do proceed with uninstalling any rpms, I would highly suggest to ensure to have a backup of the machine ready in case anything goes wrong.
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