Nov 7, 2004
Hi There,

I just had a few suggestions, thought I would put them forward...

cPanel - Add a feature, so people who have cPanel's can create other user's - and set them to what they can access
Username: James
Password: Whatever
Can Access: (Tick down list)
File Manager

Then they can login to your cpanel, but on access certain features.
This would enable owners of site's - to give there staff cpanel access, so they can maintain the site better, but not ruin things such as email's - which they shouldent do, but they cant if this feature was added.

WHM - I think here, you should add a box to the suspension area. So, when you are suspending or terminating an account, you can give a reason, and this reason would show up on there accounts suspension page.
Terminating, I think should have a page, and a reason and should be there for a certain number of days, which the owner would set.
Example: Show termination page for: x days
After 'x' days, it will delete.

Just some ideas... :)


So, what does people think..Good or Bad?
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