Identical mail setup for a second domain?


Dec 10, 2006
I have two domains which are essentially the same (one has a hyphen between two words of the domain, the other doesn't.)

I'd like mail for usernames at one of the domains (without the hyphen) to be forwarded to the same username at the other domain, or something else which has the same effect. In sendmail, I'd do this in /etc/mail/virtusertable: %[email protected]

[email protected] -> [email protected]
[email protected] -> [email protected]
... and so on for every username

Is there any easy way to do this in cpanel/exim? "Default Address Maintenance" doesn't do what I want as it only forwards to a fixed account as far as I can work out. Putting in Forwarders for every username in the domain would work, but I'd have to keep both domains in sync manually and I was hoping there would be something more automated I could use.

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