Identical Sent From Email Address for All Domains?

Apr 13, 2019
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We are using cPanel in a corporate setting.
I am not looking for a catchall inbound (we just aren't using inbound mail)

What I would like to do however is set up a default sent from domain for all domains (or default sent from address). We have adjusted the SMTP settings so it uses an SMTP server that is inside our SPF record. The departments have various subdomain names that we use, but we would rather that email from these sites (new user notifications or whatnot) come from [email protected] and not [email protected] and it gets flagged often as spam because of that. (YYY is a subdomain we use for external resources and it is mixed in cpanel and elsewhere. If only the world were perfect).

Is there a setting or kludge we can use?

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Apr 11, 2011
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Hello :)

I'm happy to provide you with some advice.

Can you confirm how the emails are sent? For instance, is this through any specific Webmail application, or any specific desktop email client? Or, is this for email sent from a script? Please share as many details as possible.