Apr 2, 2003
I am new to all of this and im currently using the web host manager. For some odd reason when you hit it goes to my hosts website. But when you go to it works just fine. Can anyone tell me why? Also when creating a new user account how do I know what name servers to put in their DNS entries in their domain account manager. (they are with Network Solutions)

If anyone would like to assist a newbie I would greatly appreciate it.

oh yea one last thing in my confirmation email it told me to point my DNS to Of course those are sample #'s but where exactly do I do that?

ok now if you can assist me I would greatly appreciate it.


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Feb 5, 2003
Newbie here, but I'll do my best

Could you offer some detail?

Is your's a reseller account or a dedicated server with WHM/cpanel.

Have you been assigned ip's by your host? Y/N? If so, More than one?

It sounds as tho you are not using your own name servers but those of your host?

Have you read what there is of the WHM/cpanel doc's?

Have you entered any name servers in WHM > Edit Setup?

Once you have your name servers setup correctly, WHM will automagically assign them to your new user account.

I don't think you should be posting in BOLD :rolleyes:


Apr 2, 2003
My apologies, Im so use to posting in bold on other forums it has become habit.

In regards to your questions. Im actually on a shared server. And yes I have a reseller account. It has WHM for setting up client accounts. I have a cpanel for my own site, since I originally purchased the hosting service.

Do I need to add myself to the WHM as a new account user?

I tried all last night to figure it out, but no matter what I do when you hit it goes to but if you type it in FTP format it works just fine.

I set up an account for a user who has decided to go with me for design and hosting. And that seems to be working fine now.

Hopefully I better elaborated on my issue and this can assist you guys in assisting me.

Thank you


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Jan 28, 2003
See WHM->DNS->Edit Dns Zone


If at all u r a Re-Seller then it totally depends how your account has been created (What Features are Turned "Off" and "On").

As far as your www and no www prob is concern it might be the wrong entry in the DNS zone. or ur account was created with a Prefix which has to be created without www.

go to the prompt and type

ls /var/named/ if u see a file make sure it has to be only

Hope this help!!!