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imap failed how or what caused it?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by viooltje, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. viooltje

    viooltje Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2004
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    dell dual xeon server with the following software
    WHM 9.1.0
    cPanel 9.1.0-S73
    RedHat 9
    WHM X v2.1.2

    Service Status

    apache (1.3.29 (Unix)) up
    bind (9.2.1) up
    cppop up
    cpsrvd up
    exim (exim-4.24-30_cpanel_stmpcontrol_antivirus_rewrite_mailman2) up
    eximstats up
    ftpd up
    imap failed
    mysql (4.0.18-standard) up
    syslogd up
    Server Load 0.11 (4 cpus)
    Memory Used 35.2 %
    Swap 0.997 %
    Disk sda3 (/) 11 %
    Disk sda1 (/boot) 16 %

    root@silent [/home/admin]# whereis imap
    imap: /usr/include/imap
    root@silent [/home/admin]# cd /usr/include/imap
    root@silent [/usr/include/imap]# pico imap
    root@silent [/usr/include/imap]# pico /usr/include/imap
    root@silent [/usr/include/imap]#

    imap is just a map not a file?????

    Need mega help! Why does noone help all my topics in cpanel forums and forums here no answers.
    Nobody knows?

    this is in the map what to do with it?

    root@silent [/usr/include/imap]# ls
    ./ linkage.c newsrc.h os_bsi.h os_mct.h os_sco.h pop3.h
    ../ linkage.h nl.h os_cvx.h os_mnt.h os_sgi.h pseudo.h
    c-client.h mail.h nntp.h os_cyg.h os_nto.h os_shp.h rfc822.h
    dummy.h mbox.h os_a32.h osdep.h os_nxt.h os_slx.h shortsym.h
    env.h mbx.h os_a41.h os_d-g.h os_os4.h os_sol.h smtp.h
    env_unix.h mh.h os_aix.h os_do4.h os_osf.h os_sos.h sslio.h
    fdstring.h misc.h os_aos.h os_drs.h os_osx.h os_sun.h tcp.h
    flocksim.h mmdf.h os_art.h os_dyn.h os_ptx.h os_sv2.h tcp_unix.h
    flstring.h mtx.h os_asv.h os_hpp.h os_pyr.h os_sv4.h tenex.h
    fs.h mx.h os_aux.h os_isc.h os_qnx.h os_ult.h unix.h
    ftl.h netmsg.h os_bsd.h os_lnx.h os_s40.h os_vu2.h utf8.h
    imap4r1.h news.h os_bsf.h os_lyn.h os_sc5.h phile.h
    root@silent [/usr/include/imap]#
  2. Born2Kill

    Born2Kill Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2004
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    localhost or dev/null
    did u try to update to latest stable release ?
  3. viooltje

    viooltje Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2004
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    the lamp is going out for 10 hours now yippie I'm so happy it was burning 36 hours.

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