imap failed how or what caused it?


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Mar 14, 2004
dell dual xeon server with the following software
WHM 9.1.0
cPanel 9.1.0-S73
RedHat 9
WHM X v2.1.2

Service Status

apache (1.3.29 (Unix)) up
bind (9.2.1) up
cppop up
cpsrvd up
exim (exim-4.24-30_cpanel_stmpcontrol_antivirus_rewrite_mailman2) up
eximstats up
ftpd up
imap failed
mysql (4.0.18-standard) up
syslogd up
Server Load 0.11 (4 cpus)
Memory Used 35.2 %
Swap 0.997 %
Disk sda3 (/) 11 %
Disk sda1 (/boot) 16 %

[email protected] [/home/admin]# whereis imap
imap: /usr/include/imap
[email protected] [/home/admin]# cd /usr/include/imap
[email protected] [/usr/include/imap]# pico imap
[email protected] [/usr/include/imap]# pico /usr/include/imap
[email protected] [/usr/include/imap]#

imap is just a map not a file?????

Need mega help! Why does noone help all my topics in cpanel forums and forums here no answers.
Nobody knows?

this is in the map what to do with it?

[email protected] [/usr/include/imap]# ls
./ linkage.c newsrc.h os_bsi.h os_mct.h os_sco.h pop3.h
../ linkage.h nl.h os_cvx.h os_mnt.h os_sgi.h pseudo.h
c-client.h mail.h nntp.h os_cyg.h os_nto.h os_shp.h rfc822.h
dummy.h mbox.h os_a32.h osdep.h os_nxt.h os_slx.h shortsym.h
env.h mbx.h os_a41.h os_d-g.h os_os4.h os_sol.h smtp.h
env_unix.h mh.h os_aix.h os_do4.h os_osf.h os_sos.h sslio.h
fdstring.h misc.h os_aos.h os_drs.h os_osx.h os_sun.h tcp.h
flocksim.h mmdf.h os_art.h os_dyn.h os_ptx.h os_sv2.h tcp_unix.h
flstring.h mtx.h os_asv.h os_hpp.h os_pyr.h os_sv4.h tenex.h
fs.h mx.h os_aux.h os_isc.h os_qnx.h os_ult.h unix.h
ftl.h netmsg.h os_bsd.h os_lnx.h os_s40.h os_vu2.h utf8.h
imap4r1.h news.h os_bsf.h os_lyn.h os_sc5.h phile.h
[email protected] [/usr/include/imap]#