IMAP folders and Outlook 2003


Nov 29, 2004
Hello everyone,

First I'd like to say this is a great forum and a great resource. Thank you to all!

Now my question (really sorry if this is not the correct forum, I could not find one devoted to Mail issues):

We have set up Outlook 2003 to use IMAP, which is great. the only problem is that the only folder that actually works is Inbox -- INBOX.Drafts INBOX.Sent and INBOX.Trash do not connect/work. I can see these folders in Outlook, but clicking on them does not list the contents (Outlook actually reports that "there are no items to display" however I know that this is not the case).

One thing that I can see is that Outlook changes these folder names to mixed upper- and lower-case (eg. Inbox.Sent and Inbox.Trash), which MAY be causing the problem (?). Strangely, Inbox works even though it should be INBOX.

I tried unsubscribing and re-subscribing the IMAP folders, no difference. I even tried renaming them with the proper capitalization, but Outlook immediately changes the capitalization back to what it seems to think is correct.

Anyone come across this headache before, or better yet have a solution? I realize that this is not strictly a cpanel or WHM issue, since the server is running fine, however I thought that someone may also be in the unfortunate position of having to set up clients who use MS Office products on a daily basis.

Thanks in advance!

--Losing hair by the hour ;)