IMAP Inbox not syncing all emails

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Laptops running on Windows 10, using MS Office Pro Plus 2019


Mar 15, 2020
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Hello guys, I am a business owner & I have my website hosted through godaddy. On the same hosting cpanel I am using email. I have 3 laptops & 1 iphone, at all these places I am using MS Outlook app for emails. I have the following 2 issues.
1. Laptop - I have the 3 laptops configured with outlook properly through IMAP. On my webmail the total sent email count tallies with the sent box on all the 3 outlooks on the laptops, but all the 3 inbox of all 3 laptops doesn't have same email count. A lot of different emails are missing from each laptop. These are just random inbox emails which are not available in the inbox. It could be available in one laptop but not other 2, it could not be available in any of the 3 laptops. At times these outlooks act weird, they will only show emails when these outlook were active, so if the laptop is turned on in the morning at 11am it might not have emails from after the last night log off until today mornings log in. The emails which are not available in the outlook are all visible in the cpanel webmail. And the missing emails are randomly missing, the outlook would run fine for a week and then suddenly have the above issues. I have tried typing INBOX in the root folder path also, but of no luck.

2. Ios Outlook - I have also synced the email on my iphone on the outlook app. All the new emails are shown there, but if I want to check for a historic email (either inbox or sent) it will no show up search results for more than 2 weeks, is this an app limitation or something else ?

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Mumbai, India.


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Oct 19, 2012
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I know Outlook has an IMAP account setting for "Mail to keep offline". It can be adjusted to keep All offline.

Mobile email apps don't usually store all of your email since available storage space would become an issue. I can usually search all of the emails via IMAP but it could take a lot longer amount of time. So you may be seeing results stored locally on the phone first, but waiting may show more. Just a guess. You may want to review iOS Outlook settings to see if they have anything to adjust.


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Nov 14, 2017