IMAP issues. Email on one device, but not on other, and vice versa


Nov 29, 2012
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Hey there. I have two devices setup to receive email, one laptop with outlook 2010 and the other with a android phone. They are both setup with IMAP to receive/send email. However, it seems like the two are competing to receive the emails. If the laptop get s new message first, then the phone won't get it. And if the phone gets it, then the laptop wont. The weird thing is that the email's are still on the server. Any suggestions? Is this a WHM setting I have to change somewhere


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Sep 14, 2004
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There is no special WHM setting that would fix that. It really sounds like you don't have both accounts set up as IMAP. With IMAP, the mail is left on the server. Since the message is left on the server, it's available for any device / PC to view at any time using IMAP. It really sounds like at least one of your devices is using POP3 and is downloading the message and deleting it before the other gets to see it.

If you truly are using IMAP across the board [for everything] on that email account, log into your webmail interface and see if you see ALL messages in there [including the ones the phone didn't get and the ones the PC didn't get].