imap on failed


Aug 10, 2006
Over the past few days, I'm getting a zillion emails from whm/cpanel stating:

imap on failed
imap failed @ Wed Feb 3 15:54:12 2010. A restart was attempted automagically.
Service Check Method: [tcp connect]

Failure Reason: Timeout while trying to get data from service
I have confirmed imap is functioning. At least it appears to be. We are sending and receiving imap mail on all accounts
In Mailserver Configuration - all 4 protocols are enabled (no change)
Mailserver Selection is Courier (no change)
Mailserver Selection - imap is enabled (no change)

I have done a soft and hard reboot. (no change)

These emails just started a few days ago -- could this be related to an auto-update of whm?
I think I have the latest release build: cPanel 11.25.0-R42404 - WHM 11.25.0 - X 3.9 ???

This happened to us about a year ago, and it automagically went away after a few annoying days of 500+ emails a day.

Anyone know why this happens, and how we can solve this?



May 1, 2006
Same problem here, but the message is another:

imap failed @ Thu Feb 4 15:54:06 2010. A restart was attempted automagically.
Service Check Method: [check command]

Cmd Service Check Raw Output: dovecot is not running
It began yesterday, after I convert courier to dovecot.

Any help?


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Jul 6, 2003
I've had this for the last few days too. cPanel 11.25.0-C43267. 7 restarts today, 2 yesterday, 1 day before. Before that it'd been running for months without a blip.

I'm using Courier IMAP, not Dovecot.

I've just bumped up the max connections in Mailserver Configuration as that was suggested as a possible cure. The server has quite a few more users on it now than a month back so maybe I was hitting that limit.