IMAP Sync Issues Across Multiple Devices


Sep 15, 2017
Brisbane AU
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Hi All

I am having a weird issue that is affecting both my servers and multiple accounts on multiple devices.

I keep telling me server admins that there is something wrong and each time they say something different but they have not fixed the issue.

We have many email accounts set up using IMAP... they are using a variety of devices to sync including Samsung phones and pads, Outlook, iPhones and iPads and all different models etc.

It has to be an issue with the servers as this cannot be an issue on so many different devices and accounts.

Any help with fixing this would be great... what settings should I check to make sure everything is setup correctly?

Many Thanks


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Nov 20, 2014
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An understanding of the problems you are facing would help, however, with such a vague explanation, I doubt you you find an answer on here.
If you have access to any log files, then this would be a good start, if not, then you need to go back to your admins and seek additional info.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Murray,

Can you provide some more information about the specific issue with synchronization you are facing? For instance, do you mean that all of the received/sent emails are not downloaded by each email client using IMAP? In most cases, this type of issue happens when one of the email clients is configured to use POP3. Thus, the messages downloaded by that email client are removed from the server. The /var/log/maillog file records IMAP and POP3 activity if you'd like to get a better idea of what's happening. EX:

grep [email protected] /var/log/maillog
Thank you.