IMAP_EMPTYTRASH - IMAP Empty Trash Sent Junk etc - Looking for more info


Jan 25, 2008
I have tried to search for " 'IMAP Empty Trash' WHM" in the Search Engines and get about 2 results. I am not finding any further documentation on this option that tells me if I can (or should) use it to auto-purge other folders, besides Trash. It's not called "IMAP Empty Folder" after all. The description on WHM says "delete and expunge messages from trash folder(s)"

I was considering the following settings in WHM:
Trash - Empty after 15 days
Junk - Empty after 7 days
Sent - Empty after 365 days.

Can "IMAP Empty Trash" be used in this way, or should I use a script on my server to accomplish the auto-purge task on Junk and Sent folders?