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Sep 24, 2002
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Announcing ImunifyAV on all cPanel & WHM Servers! | cPanel Blog

Looks like those of us that rent servers so have no access to the Cpanel license portal will have Immunify forcefully installed on servers, which will offer "upgrade" options to the end user (instead of us), siphoning money from our customers. In addition, those of us with a different solution on the server may not be permitted to continue using that, since two rarely work together. Odds are that the native one will be disabled in the process, since only the portal users can opt out.

Cpanel, if you're listening, would it be too much to ask you not push things like this on your paying customers that removes us from any decision making or potential profit involved? Allow it to be optional to us ALL, or at least not include "if you purchase (here's a link where), this infection will be automatically handled" sales pitches to *our* customers?
I personally don't feel that's too much to ask, that we get to sell to the customers we've managed to find and sign up, without someone else's hand in the till, while we pay for that "privilege" of you fishing in our pond.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @bear,

First, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

2019.10.24 Update:

Please feel free to provide feedback via the Comments section of the blog post:

Thank you.
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