Import and enable/disable hooks?


Sep 7, 2007
I'm trying to help a friend out and wondered if you guys had any advice for me. I set him up on a custom mail server solution a while back running postfix with the user information in a sql database. I can no longer support him though and wanted to put him on a managed server with cpanel so he could administer it. Are there any good bulk importing tools that work with the cpanel/exim setup? I could dump out a csv of all the email addresses, usernames, passwords, quotas, etc from mysql if there is a way to import them.

Also is there a good way to hook into cpanel and modify the flat files it apparently uses to manage email accounts? He has a small custom php billing appliation that automatically enables/disables accounts by setting a value in the sql database. There has to be some way to modify that php to automate the new server too but I need a push in the right direction. Ideally I can use this to automate new email account creation in his billing app too. Its probably something simple if you're familiar with cpanel or exim, but this is the first time i've used either.



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Oct 8, 2003
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