important bug : bind not working after an automated cpanel update

Oct 30, 2006
my dedicated server worked for years, now bind is down after the overnight automated cpaneld update. the error message is
named: none:0: open: /etc/named.conf: file not found
I run centos 5, and latest versions of everything (I checked with yum). I guess there is a incompatibily between the newest version of something with the newest version of something else. I tried everything I thought about for 24h without sleeping. I am exhausted.
I can give my admin access if needed. I also tried to let bind down and use my registrar instead but I really don't understand how to setup it in whm. anyway that's not the solution and if I must pay for support (where, how ?) I have not other choice.
bind 9.3.3rc2 if that can help. including and many, many, many more.