Important Files for CPanel Account Backup?


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May 19, 2003
Boston, MA USA
I'm curious about developing some more custom backup solutions for our cpanel servers that allow incremental backup over a remote connection. One of the ways in which we've done backup for smaller servers is just use the built-in backup feature and send the files via FTP. This is leading to several hundred GB of files being compressed and sent over our network needlessly every night, but the plus side is it's very easy to restore accounts.

What I'm curious about is where is all the important account info located? If I just backed up the home directories, what would I be missing? I know that wouldn't copy the mySQL databases, and maybe things like mailman list archives, but would it be anything else?

Alternatively, is there a way to run the cpbackup as we've been doing but simply have it skip copying and compressing the home directories?


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May 9, 2008
Backup will take MySQL databases backup. Also, you can configure backup from WHM option “configure backup”.