In need of a professional, supported anti-spam solution


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Jan 19, 2007
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Hi folks,

I initially went to ASSP Deluxe, but the software version has a major lag behind the available version. Last time I checked it was still on 1.7 with plans to go to 1.9. I made 1.9 work myself without the Deluxe part, and had so much end of trouble with dropped connections that I had to build a separate machine running ASSP 2 to sit in front of my cPanel box.

Unfortunately for me, I have pretty much lost my main reseller because of the issues with 1.9, so now I am looking for a solution that has a better channel of support than a forum that the developers may respond on. I'm sure the ASSP guys do the best they can, but an Enterprise level service needs support they can rely on.

So I was wondering what solutions people use. I do not want it to have to run on the cPanel box because I now have three front end mail servers for added redundancy. Actually I have two at the moment because I have another problem with ASSP bouncing mail around between the servers.

My main requirement is that I do not want it to trap mail anywhere. No silly online spam folders. Mail gets delivered or it does not get accepted (not accept, scan, bounce either). ASSP is great in the way it works with all the collection folders so that kind of functionality would be very useful too.

Any suggestions?