In the folder /dev/ files 0 bytes


Sep 22, 2006
i have in the folder /dev in the home server 0 bytes like this
it need remove or what bucuse i have so much files like it

fd3u1743 hds21 ptype sdbd5 sdcx6 sdeq7 sdgj8 sdic9 st4m ttyUB1
fd3u1760 hds22 ptypf sdbd6 sdcx7 sdeq8 sdgj9 sdid st5 ttyUB10
fd3u1840 hds23 ptyq0 sdbd7 sdcx8 sdeq9 sdgk sdid1 st5a ttyUB11
fd3u1920 hds24 ptyq1 sdbd8 sdcx9 sder sdgk1 sdid10 st5l ttyUB12
fd3u2880 hds25 ptyq2 sdbd9 sdcy sder1 sdgk10 sdid11 st5m ttyUB13
fd3u3200 hds26 ptyq3 sdbe sdcy1 sder10 sdgk11 sdid12 st6 ttyUB14
fd3u3520 hds27 ptyq4 sdbe1 sdcy10 sder11 sdgk12 sdid13 st6a ttyUB15
fd3u360 hds28 ptyq5 sdbe10 sdcy11 sder12 sdgk13 sdid14 st6l ttyUB2
fd3u3840 hds29 ptyq6 sdbe11 sdcy12 sder13 sdgk14 sdid15 st6m ttyUB3
fd3u720 hds3 ptyq7 sdbe12 sdcy13 sder14 sdgk15 sdid2 st7 ttyUB4
fd3u800 hds30 ptyq8 sdbe13 sdcy14 sder15 sdgk2 sdid3 st7a ttyUB5
fd3u820 hds31 ptyq9 sdbe14 sdcy15 sder2 sdgk3 sdid4 st7l ttyUB6
fd3u830 hds32 ptyqa sdbe15 sdcy2 sder3 sdgk4 sdid5 st7m ttyUB7
fd4 hds4 ptyqb sdbe2 sdcy3 sder4 sdgk5 sdid6 st8 ttyUB8
fd4CompaQ hds5 ptyqc sdbe3 sdcy4 sder5 sdgk6 sdid7 st8a ttyUB9
fd4d360 hds6 ptyqd sdbe4 sdcy5 sder6 sdgk7 sdid8 st8l ttyuc
fd4h1200 hds7 ptyqe sdbe5 sdcy6 sder7 sdgk8 sdid9 st8m ttyud
fd4h1440 hds8 ptyqf sdbe6 sdcy7 sder8 sdgk9 sdie st9 ttyue
fd4h1476 hds9 ptyr0 sdbe7 sdcy8 sder9 sdgl sdie1 st9a ttyuf
fd4h1494 hdt ptyr1 sdbe8 sdcy9 sdes sdgl1 sdie10 st9l ttyUSB0
fd4h1660 hdt1 ptyr2 sdbe9 sdcz sdes1 sdgl10 sdie11 st9m ttyUSB1
fd4h360 hdt10 ptyr3 sdbf sdcz1 sdes10 sdgl11 sdie12 staliomem0 ttyUSB10
fd4h410 hdt11 ptyr4 sdbf1 sdcz10 sdes11 sdgl12 sdie13 staliomem1 ttyUSB11
fd4h420 hdt12 ptyr5 sdbf10 sdcz11 sdes12 sdgl13 sdie14 staliomem2 ttyUSB12
fd4h720 hdt13 ptyr6 sdbf11 sdcz12 sdes13 sdgl14 sdie15 staliomem3 ttyUSB13
fd4h880 hdt14 ptyr7 sdbf12 sdcz13 sdes14 sdgl15 sdie2 [email protected] ttyUSB14
fd4u1040 hdt15 ptyr8 sdbf13 sdcz14 sdes15 sdgl2 sdie3 [email protected] ttyUSB15
fd4u1120 hdt16 ptyr9 sdbf14 sdcz15 sdes2 sdgl3 sdie4 [email protected] ttyUSB2
fd4u1440 hdt17 ptyra sdbf15 sdcz2 sdes3 sdgl4 sdie5 sunmouse ttyUSB3
fd4u1660 hdt18 ptyrb sdbf2 sdcz3 sdes4 sdgl5 sdie6 sx8/ ttyUSB4
fd4u1680 hdt19 ptyrc sdbf3 sdcz4 sdes5 sdgl6 sdie7 [email protected] ttyUSB5
fd4u1722 hdt2 ptyrd sdbf4 sdcz5 sdes6 sdgl7 sdie8 tape-d ttyUSB6
fd4u1743 hdt20 ptyre sdbf5 sdcz6 sdes7 sdgl8 sdie9 tape-reset ttyUSB7
fd4u1760 hdt21 ptyrf sdbf6 sdcz7 sdes8 sdgl9 sdif [email protected] ttyUSB8
fd4u1840 hdt22 ptys0 sdbf7 sdcz8 sdes9 sdgm sdif1 tlk0 ttyUSB9
fd4u1920 hdt23 ptys1 sdbf8 sdcz9 sdet sdgm1 sdif10 tlk1 ttyv0
fd4u2880 hdt24 ptys2 sdbf9 sdd sdet1 sdgm10 sdif11 tlk2 ttyV0
fd4u3200 hdt25 ptys3 sdbg sdd1 sdet10 sdgm11 sdif12 tlk3 ttyv1
fd4u3520 hdt26 ptys4 sdbg1 sdd10 sdet11 sdgm12 sdif13 tmpMnt ttyV1
fd4u360 hdt27 ptys5 sdbg10 sdd11 sdet12 sdgm13 sdif14 tpqic11 ttyV10
fd4u3840 hdt28 ptys6 sdbg11 sdd12 sdet13 sdgm14 sdif15 tpqic120 ttyV11
fd4u720 hdt29 ptys7 sdbg12 sdd13 sdet14 sdgm15 sdif2 tpqic150 ttyV12
fd4u800 hdt3 ptys8 sdbg13 sdd14 sdet15 sdgm2 sdif3 tpqic24 ttyV13
fd4u820 hdt30 ptys9 sdbg14 sdd15 sdet2 sdgm3 sdif4 tty ttyV14
fd4u830 hdt31 ptysa sdbg15 sdd2 sdet3 sdgm4 sdif5 tty0 ttyV15
fd5 hdt32 ptysb sdbg2 sdd3 sdet4 sdgm5 sdif6 tty1 ttyv2
fd5CompaQ hdt4 ptysc sdbg3 sdd4 sdet5 sdgm6 sdif7 tty10 ttyV2
fd5d360 hdt5 ptysd sdbg4 sdd5 sdet6 sdgm7 sdif8 tty11 ttyv3
fd5h1200 hdt6 ptyse sdbg5 sdd6 sdet7 sdgm8 sdif9 tty12 ttyV3
fd5h1440 hdt7 ptysf sdbg6 sdd7 sdet8 sdgm9 sdig tty13 ttyv4
fd5h1476 hdt8 ptyt0 sdbg7 sdd8 sdet9 sdgn sdig1 tty14 ttyV4
fd5h1494 hdt9 ptyt1 sdbg8 sdd9 sdeu sdgn1 sdig10 tty15 ttyv5
fd5h1660 hitcd ptyt2 sdbg9 sdda sdeu1 sdgn10 sdig11 tty16 ttyV5
fd5h360 ht0 ptyt3 sdbh sdda1 sdeu10 sdgn11 sdig12 tty17 ttyv6
fd5h410 ht1 ptyt4 sdbh1 sdda10 sdeu11 sdgn12 sdig13 tty18 ttyV6
fd5h420 i2c0 ptyt5 sdbh10 sdda11 sdeu12 sdgn13 sdig14 tty19 ttyv7
fd5h720 i2c-0 ptyt6 sdbh11 sdda12 sdeu13 sdgn14 sdig15 tty2 ttyV7
fd5h880 i2c1 ptyt7 sdbh12 sdda13 sdeu14 sdgn15 sdig2 tty20 ttyv8
fd5u1040 i2c-1 ptyt8 sdbh13 sdda14 sdeu15 sdgn2 sdig3 tty21 ttyV8
fd5u1120 i2o/ ptyt9 sdbh14 sdda15 sdeu2 sdgn3 sdig4 tty22 ttyv9
fd5u1440 [email protected] ptyta sdbh15 sdda2 sdeu3 sdgn4 sdig5 tty23 ttyV9
fd5u1660 ida/ ptytb sdbh2 sdda3 sdeu4 sdgn5 sdig6 tty24 ttyva
fd5u1680 [email protected] ptytc sdbh3 sdda4 sdeu5 sdgn6 sdig7 tty25 ttyvb
fd5u1722 inet/ ptytd sdbh4 sdda5 sdeu6 sdgn7 sdig8 tty26 ttyvc
fd5u1743 initctl| ptyte sdbh5 sdda6 sdeu7 sdgn8 sdig9 tty27 ttyvd
fd5u1760 initrd ptytf sdbh6 sdda7 sdeu8 sdgn9 sdih tty28 ttyve
fd5u1840 inportbm ptyu0 sdbh7 sdda8 sdeu9 sdgo sdih1 tty29 ttyvf
fd5u1920 input/ ptyu1 sdbh8 sdda9 sdev sdgo1 sdih10 tty3 ttyw0
fd5u2880 [email protected] ptyu2 sdbh9 sddb sdev1 sdgo10 sdih11 tty30 ttyW0
fd5u3200 ip2ipl0 ptyu3 sdbi sddb1 sdev10 sdgo11 sdih12 tty31 ttyw1
fd5u3520 ip2ipl1 ptyu4 sdbi1 sddb10 sdev11 sdgo12 sdih13 tty4 ttyW1
fd5u360 ip2ipl2 ptyu5 sdbi10 sddb11 sdev12 sdgo13 sdih14 tty5 ttyW10
fd5u3840 ip2ipl3 ptyu6 sdbi11 sddb12 sdev13 sdgo14 sdih15 tty6 ttyW11

this some for them
what can i do for this files
i wait replay


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
That's perfectly normal - and you should not try removing them. Read up on somewhere like about how Linux works before deleting files :)