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May 20, 2003
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New videos have been posted to cPanelTV on YouTube recently. Are you subscribed to the cPanelTV channel on YouTube? You should be! This is not only the Official cPanel, Inc. YouTube channel, it's also the best channel on YouTube for cPanel How To videos.

These new How To videos are all, as it says on the tin, under 2 minutes in length and should be helpful to many users looking to get things done in their cPanel account, quick and easy.

Do you need to: Setup email authentication, Add a Mail Forwarder, Create an Addon Domain or Add a Redirect?

This new video series was created by cPanel's Technical Product Specialist Team and can show you how to do each one of those things and many more, in under 2 minutes! If you'd like to see more of these, let the Team know by suggesting new video ideas here in this thread.

And while you're over there, say hi to Tony. Everybody loves Tony! He's been around a while, and this video is a bit out of date with the times, but it's still a great clip to give a new user some basic understanding about everything that is, cPanel. Tony explains things pretty good. :)

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