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Aug 10, 2003
I had a customer complain that they are not recieving all of their email. I checked the Mail Que and found allot of it there.
When I tried to deliver the messages in Que they failed saying "Disk quota exceeded: mailbox is full". I checked and the mailboxes were empty.
It turned out that they had exceeded the Quota of their Hosting account of 300MB. However their Website is less than 20MB.
The cuplrit appears to be a file called "Inbox" that is located in a folder called "mail" in the accounts home directory(home/username/mail/inbox). The file was full of email headers that were no longer in the system.
The actual email accounts themselves are nearly empty. Why is it filling up? Is it supposed to remove these headers when the mail is delivered?
This account uses allot of email forwarders.