inbox in mbox format randomly re-appear on Maildir servers


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Feb 19, 2003
I have converted to Maildir for a couple of months. I have an issue and cannot find a solution. There is no one mention this. Converting works perfect. Almost emails coming into the server save in the Maildir folder. But in some situation email doesn't route to the maildir folder but it still save as mbox format. I try /scripts/convert2maildir, it does convert the inbox files to maildir. I am sure all mbox files were converted. But a couple days later, I check the server again. Mbox file re-appear and the date files are new. Run below command it will show you the inbox files left on the server.

locate inbox | egrep '^/home.{1,10}/mail' | egrep '/inbox$' | xargs ls -al

Anybody has the same issue?

PS: Some of the email save as the mbox format are bounced mail. But not all of them. I see legitimate email sent from outside but also save as the mbox format too.