Incorrect Space Usage Locking Account Out


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Sep 9, 2001
We have a client on our server who can no longer upload files, as it is giving him a quota error. His account has no extra ftp accounts, no mail accounts, and no mysql databases. We even tried deleting his log files.

Cpanel says he has used 17.69mb of space. His home folder only has 5.2mb of data in it. WHM shows his account as having used 176mb of space! Since he\'s only allocated 100mb of quota on his plan, he can no longer use his account. My only guess is that WHM/CP is improperly figuring his used disk space, possibly by moving the decimal point over one space too many. I verified this by deleting data from his account to reduce it to 17.54 mb of space (according to CP) and WHM says he has used 175!

Can you please look into this and fix it ASAP so he can continue working on his site. I assume it is a Cpanel/WHM bug. I think it may be doing this on 1-3 other accounts on our server as well.