Increase performance on Cpanel accounts / Plans


Jan 16, 2021
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Hi team,

I am trying to increase the performance of a Cpanel account, as it is not performing well. It has a high resource consumption because it is a heavy and powerful web, but I can't manage to enable more resources for it.

Among the options I can see that there is an option to limit the disk space, the bandwidth .... But I do not see anything related to memory consumption or RAM consumption. How can I increase it?

WHM + Imunify360 + Kernelcure + CFS



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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Unless you are using the CloudLinux operating system, there would be no CPU or RAM restrictions related to a single cPanel account. In other words, an account can use as many of the server resources as it needs.

The issue may not be with resources, but with slowness on the account itself. What specifically isn't behaving on the site? Are pages loading slowly? If so, there are tools to analyze page load times that you can find online. You could also check the MySQL queries and see if those are running as quickly as expected. In general, you'll need to isolate the problem a bit more to determine exactly what tweaks need to happen on the serer side.