initial cpanel setup, please help


Apr 22, 2003

I am really confused about the initial cpanel setup.

I have a root login to the WHM and a admin login to cpanel. Now I have understood that the WHM is where I do all the server configs and add domain accounts etc.
Now, what exactly do I use the admin account for? Is this for the default hostname?? When i go to my IP in the webrowser i get a standard "apache has been setup page". Where can I edit this page, what domain is this page linked to, because when I click on list accounts in the whm I get nothing!

Another question, I have one domain that I use with rackshacks DNS. When I created its account I got "account created" but also, "need to activate nameservers". After doing this the account doesn't seem to have been created as I get nothing when clicking on list accounts.

Thanks really appreciate and help I can get. The dokumentation isn't so good on cpanel/whm.