Install Documentation for cPanel DNSONLY


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Nov 5, 2008
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You may follow the same install instructions as cPanel/WHM noted here:
Quick Start Installation Guide

The only difference being the install script's file name:
Downloads - cPanel Inc.

Here is an example set of instructions for DNSONLY based off the documentation:
To begin your installation, use the following commands:
1. cd /home — Opens the directory /home.
2. wget -N — Fetches the latest installation file from the cPanel servers.
3. sh latest-dnsonly — Opens and runs the installation files.
4. /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt — Activates your license after installation.
Here are the specific commands as seen above but without the surrounding text:
# cd /home
# wget -N
# sh latest-dnsonly
# /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt