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Apr 11, 2020
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hello im try to install cpanel but im get this error whay?
Wide character in print at ./updatenow.static line 26780.
[2022-06-10 06:44:08 +0000] E The install encountered an error: Failed to stage “new packages” because of an error: No digest data for cpanel-ng-whm-link-server-nodes-31-1.cp11104.noarch.rpm at ./updatenow.static line 50274.
[2022-06-10 06:44:08 +0000] : see RPM Installation Failures | cPanel & WHM Documentation for more information
2022-06-10 06:44:08 1083 [17768] (DEBUG): The installation process detected a failed synchronization. The system will reattempt the synchronization with the updatenow.static file...
2022-06-10 06:44:08 44 [17768] ( INFO): cPanel is here to help! Our Technical Support team is just a click away at https://support.cpanel.net/ or you can contact Customer Service via email [email protected]
2022-06-10 06:44:08 1089 [17768] (FATAL): The installation process was unable to synchronize cPanel & WHM. Verify that your network can connect to httpupdate.cpanel.net and rerun the installer.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! This is a known issue with the mirrors that we're tracking here:

I'll be sure to post an update to that main thread as I get more details.