Nov 21, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
First of all, thank you all, I've been using cPanel more then over two years now, staring as user then reseller and now root user, but never have to file a question because I could always find the answer here :)

But now I actually running to a brick wall.

I have an account on my cpanel server running with a website that uses LDAP for users authentication.
This all works well, now I try to make a single sign on functionality with the use of kerberos.

I've installed the kerberos packages and I can connect succesfully to the kerberos server from the commandline.
All I need to do next is make kerberos available to apache.

But the problem is I can't do yum install mod_auth_kerb because it is missing dependancies probably because its an easyapache setup.

But how should I install this mod_auth_kerb module?