Install OpenVZ on an active production server?


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Mar 2, 2010
Atlanta, Georgia
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Hello all.
I run a small hosting company specializing in reseller acocunts.
I have my primary website located on a seperate physical VPS, away from my primary hostiung servers.

Due to changes in the economy I am looking for ways to cut operating costs. I would place my main on the main server, but if someone's IP gets blocked, that means they cannot login to my site to get live chat.

Long stoery short, I would like an effective way to place my site on my primary dedicated server, and drop the VPS I have, while keeping my site seperated from the SPI firewall.
Can I install OpenVZ on an operational server that was not originally configured as a VPS node?

If not, does anyone know how I could place my site on my primary server and create a passthrough for my domain on CSF firewall?

Any info is appreciated, thanks
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