Install problems with CentOS cpanel quick install


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Dec 31, 2009
Hi there,

We are currently setting up a server using ESXi and VM's. We downloaded the cpanel quick install CentOS disk image, installed Cent OS fine, then restarted.

On restart vsphere console shows "Cent OS release 5.7.... login...." so we enter "root" and the password, click enter.

We then get "The cpanel installation is currently taking place. Please be patient and do not reboot the server"
We left it over 1 hour.. nothing happened. We then rebooted, left it another hour... still nothing, just the same thing again, login, it says installing then dead.

What am I doing wrong?

I tried to check /var/log/cpanel for install logs but if I use the ip address through SSH it connects to the host machine. I'm unsure how to connect to the VM by SSH.

VM's are new to me and I'm happy to take any advice offered. We currently run a hosting business but on dedicated servers which are not VM'd.



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Your VPS should be assigned an IP address that is different than the IP address from the VPS hardware node. You may need to consult with the support for the VPS software you are using to determine where to configure this IP address at. With that information, you can SSH into the individual VPS and look at the cPanel installation log to see where it failed. The cPanel installation log is located at:

# /var/log/cpanel-install.log
Thank you.