Install WHM/cPanel without downloading everything each time?


Oct 8, 2012
cPanel Access Level
DataCenter Provider
The scenario: I need to install WHM/cPanel on an indefinite number of servers at once--perhaps dozens. However, I don't want to pull all of the software over the WAN for each installation. I initially thought pointing wget to a caching proxy would do the trick, but apparently the installation only uses wget for the bootstrap process, after which Perl code takes over. (It would be nice if I could point the Perl code to the proxy server.)

There appears to be no supported method, but I have to ask: Is there an easy way to accomplish what I want?

I will resort to a cloning system if necessary, but our installations are automated by kickstart, and I would like to integrate the cPanel installation into that instead of having to maintain clone images over time. I also don't want to deal with configuring and maintaining a transparent HTTP proxy for this purpose.