Sep 9, 2013
cPanel Access Level
DataCenter Provider
I have received a temporary license and have downloaded the quick install CentOS6.4/cPanel and have installed it on my server.

I have also purchased a license from

I have used WHM/cPanel for several years on a leased server and am pretty familiar with getting things done via the WHM and cPanel interfaces, but I am limited in my linux knowledge and hope to get some help.

I am trying to setup my server locally using my static provider assigned ip address, then take it to a local datacenter where it will it stay.

This server will be connected via a local network to 9 other windows machines... all machines, including this one will have static ip's and there will be no dhcp server.
This server will act as our webserver, whereas the windows machines will be running custom applications using mysql. The local network will be used only for transferring backups.

I have the machine connected to my local network and it is using an ip address assigned via dhcp ( using gateway to connect to the internet.

Installation seemed to go well.... CentOS was installed and cPanel was downloaded and installed... but... I have several questions....

During the Quick Install I was asked to setup my network.... I have 2 interfaces on my machine.. eth0 and eth1, I chose eth1 and configured it for dhcp for now and turned off IPV6, but I could not go back and reconfigure eth0.

I understand the way the purchased license works is that the server must be reachable via the ip address I provided when I signed up for the license, that is where I am relying on the temporary license to carry me until I get the machine to the datacenter where it can be "Seen" using the assigned ip address.

On my first install (I'm on my 2nd), everything seemed to work fine... I was able to access WHM/cPanel via the dhcp assigned ip address and set it all up, I was even able to connect to my leased cPanel server and download/import all of my accounts from that machine.

I assigned a total of 10 ip addresses to be used among all of the imported accounts and all seemed well there.

The problem that I ran into was that after I had all of the accounts imported and felt the machine was ready to take to the datacenter I realized that the cpanel install was using the local ip address, so I started searching for ways to remove that and make cpanel use one of my external ip addresses instead and I thought I would configure my other network interface with a local ip address which would still allow me to connect to this server locally via SSH.

I could not get this to work for me at all.

Does anyone have any guidance on how to accomplish this?
I am scheduled to install my server at the DC tomorrow and I have a freshly installed CentOS6.4/cPanel "Quick" install on my machine and I am not sure what to do next and do not want to make a mess of things again.

Thank you for your time.
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