May 23, 2005
I am sending my server to a datacenter tommorow and would like some feedback to make sure I have not misunderstood anything.

From the information that I have read in the forums and on the site, I only need to do the most basic OS installation possible (as Cpanel will download all the packages it needs during the install process). With that in mind, I have done a base install of cAos-2 X86_64 (I also added w-get and openssh to make it functional remotely).

Cpanel will automagically download all the bloat it needs and install itself... right?
Is there anything Cpanel requires be on the machine for the install to commence properly?

TIA ~ Yaza.


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Jun 15, 2002
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That should be all you need. Make sure that if you need to import an rpm GnuPG key that you do so beforehand and it's a good idea to ensure that gcc is already installed. Other than that, what you've done should be fine.