Installing a binary when all else fails ?


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Jan 25, 2003
New York
On one of my systems I cannot get UPCP to succesfully update PNG, so I tried to do a make deinstall, make reinstall in /usr/ports/graphics/png and it keeps dying on syntax in the makefile.freebsd.

I manually downloaded the 1.2.10 and 1.2.8 versions and tried to install them on different freebsd systems and each one keeps coming up with more than a half dozen syntax errors on processing the makefile for the freebsd configure. This leads me to believe its a script problem with the actual libpng config and will fail on any of my systems with or without cpanel.

I was able to download the recommended freebsd binary from the freebsd ports and install it on some non-cpanel boxes and it seems happy.

My concern is that if I do the same on the Cpanel box with the binary instead of doing it via ports OR via UPCP will Cpanel try to update or override my installed binary in the future and do the source code version which seems to have a syntax problem with the makefile ?

Anyone regularly bypass Cpanels efforts to install various programs and do a binary install manually ?