Mohammed Rashid

Oct 21, 2015
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Hi, I am new into the world of server side programming and servers. So please forgive me if im asking something stupid. I need to install composer - the dependency manager for PHP in my University Computer, but having problems due to access issues because installing it on windows requires me to go to the PHP folder and into the path of php.exe.

I can do this on a normal apache distribution such as wamp or xampp, because it would mean I can access the php folder and php.exe file etc. Now the Universities system works as such:

Universities own server LAMP lets us access just a LAMP folder where we upload our code just like file manager in CPanel. And it allows us to visit the server with a URL and PHP MyAdmin. But does not let me access any PHP folder, I cant see any. Which means I cant install composer right?. So I went to IT support and they told me that with a CPanel access I am able to do EVERYTHING configuration wise. I don't know if im being stupid but can I possibly make a phpinfo(); file to check what the configuration is for PHP and it will possible give me the path on there? But on the other hand I can't find any PHP folder anywhere on my University PC when I am searching for it. Does anyone know how to get to the path?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.