Installing Cpanel/WHM In UnManaged VPS


Nov 25, 2015
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Hi to all!

First I would like to tell little about me. I am good at technical things and I am working on wordpress sites from Past 3 years. I build websites using wordpress and that is my Job.

For my clients I used to recommend Bluehost, then recently I thought to start reseller hosting, so that it would be easy for my clients and also profitable for me! I signed up as a Master Reseller from Uk based company, Been with them 6 Months and everything is great!

Now as the websites are growing up and also I built trust on my clients mind, I am planning to take a Good VPS for more control over my server and also for Good Performance. I planned to go with Linode and I am looking to go with their 2GB Ram package to start.

As you know that it is unmanaged and requires lot of work to install cpanel and WHM and manage it! I earlier even didnt used SSH but I am very good at catching things first, I can hire anyone to set this all up, but if I hire anyone now, later I need to depend on others for all the simple tasks.

I am looking to do all this myself, so any guides would be great to get me started. Installing cpanel, whm, security, php versions and all!

Hoping anyone here would be happy to assist me?


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Jul 2, 2013
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Hi ramakrishnach21,
do you really like to get yourself an unmanaged VPS, put a live site on it and with a simple "learning by doing" avoid paying someone who knows what he/she is doing?

That might work, BUT, it is a huge risk IMO. Wou will likely miss some Security Holes and you invite 'bad people' in...

If you do now know the basics, you might consider at least to get yourself someone who does the security setup... If your site/server gets corrupted, you will properbly spent more on repairing the damage that was done. As you might not know when you got hacked, what files got modified and so on.

If it is just for 'playing' around a bit with a server, just go ahead... if you want to make money with whats on the server, you migth wanna get a managed vps or at least an external management that takes care of your server in case ir s**t.

I had started some month ago with setting up a backup server that does my weekly backup, where I do a manual backup to another server every other month. So far everything went smooth.

Today I started a unmanaged Cloudthingy (still don't really get how that stuff works) and I have CentOS on it and default Wordpress preinstalled. Missing was still vsftp and I might wanna check how to get WP to be able to do the updates from Backend, as by now it gives me error messages on update requests. Also here, weekly backups on second server and manual backups too.

So keep in mind that with an unmanaged server, you might be some steps behind updates and vulnerabilities, kepping your Backups frequent and also several month back might be important.